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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Senior Dream Walk

Thank you to Green County Intermediate School faculty, staff and students for the beautiful greeting Green County Seniors received today for the 1st Senior Dream Walk. The cards, congratulations, hugs, signs, balloons and kind words were greatly appreciated. Thank you to Adam Whitlock and transportation for making it possible for the seniors to be transported. Thank you to Green County FRYSC for supplying the "refreshing" Ski for a graduation toast to the Class of 2015.What a great experience. Video will be posted in the morning. Congratulations Class of 2015!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1st Annual Senior Dream Walk

2015 GCHS Senior Dream Walk

Date: May 26th 2015

Location/Time: Depart for Green County Intermediate  at 10:00 am central time.

Teachers: Please take time to review the class of graduating seniors and make cards or posters for those you had in class. You have been a great inspiration to these students and the success they have accomplished. For many it may be YOU that made the difference and pushed them to graduate. A list of graduating seniors is attached.

Students: Make posters and cards for the seniors that are graduating. As they walk through the hallway you can cheer them on and hand them their cards. It will make them feel super special. Also, remember that the walk they are making is one you will make as well- make graduating from high school one of your goals. A list of graduating seniors is attached.

Graduating Seniors: Prepare for the walk by reflecting on those that helped you make your dreams come true. If you know of a teacher or other staff member that inspired you make them a “thank you” card to show your appreciation and gratitude. A list of GCIS faculty and staff is attached.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: SENIORS please take extra precaution preventing your cap and gown from stains while traveling to and from the intermediate school. Also, hang gown immediately after arriving as to prevent wrinkles.

** The Green County College/Career Readiness Center will video the event; it will be posted online for viewing. Please contact Mrs. Joy Coffey if you have any questions regarding this event (270-932-6610).